Why you should buy a photo printer?

Even though we live in the era of Facebook and Instagram, you have to admit that viewing a tangible photo album is a more pleasant experience than viewing photos on a computer or smartphone screen.

A printed photo adds an emotional value to the viewer’s experience. You can always leave notes on the back of the photos to be read years after and reminisce on the beautiful moments caught on that picture.

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If some years ago you had the excuse of not having the time to go to a photo lab and develop your film photos, today it’s obvious that these labs are overtopped by the expansion of digital photography. Despite this, there is a solution: with a cheap photo printer you can create your own photo album very easily. For example, Mitsubishi printing machines are very affordable and efficient.


Mitsubishi CP3020DAE is a dye-sublimation high-quality photo printer model that has a high-volume capacity. You can use it in your home to print your vacation photos but it’s also a good start in case you want to start a photo lab business.

Obviously, it’s not mandatory to buy yourself a photo printer for printing your vacation photos. There are a lot of normal printers that support standard sizes for classic photographs. If you also need a scanner you can focus your attention on multitasking printing devices that are 3 in 1 machines: they have printing, scanning and copying functions all together.

Also, for printing your photos you will need cartridges and paper. When you order a photo printer you also receive a set of cartridges in the package, but after you consume them you have three options: you can refill them, you can buy new original ones or you can replace them with other compatible cartridges.

Not less important is the paper quality. That’s because you need to buy photo paper at the same size as the photos you want to print, and a pack of this kind of paper sheets is not that cheap.


Last, but not least, don’t forget that a 10×15 cm photo will not have the same printing speed as regular text. Usually it takes between 45-60 seconds to print a photo. Indeed, the printing process is somehow slow, but that is because the photo paper goes through 4 rounds of printing: the first three are dedicated to the fundamental colors and in the last round a protection plastic material is applied to the photo.

When you take out the photo from the printer, if you touch it on the surface, you’ll be able to see that the colour doesn’t stain your fingertips like an inkjet printed photo. This way, the photos resist better in time.

As a conclusion, those who are fans of the printed photos now have the opportunity to print their vacation photos using their own printer, especially since the prices have dropped lower, making photo printers affordable for every budget. The satisfaction of printing you own photos will be greater than depending on photo labs to do the job.

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