When Others Recognize Your Depression

Even if you know the importance of seeking assistance if you’re suffering from depression, recognizing that you’re suffering from depression is not always easy to do. Use the suggestions below to help you determine whether you should perhaps consult with a mental health professional on the suggestion of others.

Determine whether another person’s comments ring true to you if that other person brings up the topic of depression in some way.

Though there will likely have been instances in your life when someone described you or your behavior in some way that felt entirely false and unlike you, sometimes a description rings true and you should trust that perhaps the other person’s comment is identifying something that you should investigate regarding depression.


Consider whether more than one person from separate groups of people you know have brought up the issue of depression with you in order to help determine whether you might feel better than you do by consulting a healthcare professional.

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If many people in your family indicate that they feel you might be depressed, it might reflect that they’ve been talking among themselves. However, if several people such as a friend, a family member and a co-worker, who have no contact with each other, separately, bring up the topic with you then it might indicate that perhaps you should consider determining whether you are suffering from depression.

Don’t assume that you’re depressed because of situational sadness even if people keep asking you whether you’re depressed. Being sad over a sad event or situation is common among all people and such sadness is not always legitimately characterized by depression that requires treatment, so that you’ll want to consider other factors such as the length of time you’ve been experiencing the sadness, and how the sadness is impacting your daily life, before assuming that it’s depression.


Don’t fudge the duration of your feelings of sadness in order to avoid facing the possibility you might be suffering from depression because you should not deny yourself the possibility of feeling better simply because you’re hesitant to be officially diagnosed with depression.

Consider whether someone you know is asking about other psychological situations that might be a symptom of depression rather than the state of mind they’re attributing to you, such as a friend or family member mentioning that you seem to have a lot of anxiety, or that your attention span seems to have decreased drastically, recently.

If several friends and contacts are mentioning to you that they haven’t heard from you in awhile or that they haven’t seen you in awhile, try to determine whether you’ve been avoiding those people and why in order to determine whether you might be pulling back from your associations as a symptom of feeling depressed.

While most people recognize the importance of treating depression in order to feel well, it’s sometimes difficult to know if you should seek the services of a healthcare professional. Use the suggestions above to help you determine whether other people’s observations can help you determine that it’s time to seek professional help for depression.

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