When A Friend Or Family Member Is Suffering From Depression You Can Make A Difference

It can be extremely difficult to watch a family member or loved one suffer from depression. The good thing to be aware of is that you can make a difference and reduce their affliction to this issue and guide them towards a path of recovery in a short time.

This article will address how you can not only be there for your loved one but assist them through this dark period to one that is filled with promise and hope. Continue reading to learn more if you know someone who is struggling through depression and discover how you can pull them from the murky waters engulfing them.

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It is imperative that you communicate with your loved one regularly. What you do not need to do is pressure them or back them into a corner where they build walls around themselves and sink deeper into a more serious state of depression. Ask how they are doing and slowly work your way into what is bothering them.

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From this point you can help them by offering insight into how you would handle the situation without. You are simply finding out what is wrong and focusing on offering suggestions as to how they can deal with it. We all need a shoulder to lean on and as a family member or friend; you should have a place in your heart and the strength to be their crutch during this difficult time in their life.

Never just tell a person to cheer up and things will get better. This will not help and could make things worse as the person is already trapped in a place where they feel they can’t get free. This could actually cause them to give up and we do not want that to ever happen. They need an outside set of ears to hear what is going on and offer suggestions for recovery. Again, their mind is trapped in a place where rational thinking does not exist and an offering of hope with a solution to achieve it will go a long way in getting them past the negativity in their life.

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Always assure the person that you are there if they ever need you. It may not happen overnight but at some point they will trust what you say and feel comfort in opening up to you. The truth is that someone would do it for you and you should be there for them if they are truly a loved one.


You should offer to share in activities they enjoy as well. This gets them out of the blackened world they currently exist in and allows them to share in the joys they experience with others.

If, after talking to the person over a period of time, you feel they are in a serious state of depression or suicidal, you should alert a professional or the authorities immediately. They may not be happy when they first discover you did this but when they receive the care they need, you will be forgiven and thanked for saving their life.

As human beings it is our hearts desire to care for our friends and family no matter how difficult it can be at times. You need to remember that no matter how difficult it may be for you, it is more-so for those facing depression and being there for them could change their life for the better, all thanks to you and the effort you made to show how much they mean to you.

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