The Psychological Profile of a Real Estate Agent

A real estate agent will be rarely found working on his own. He usually collaborates with real estate agencies that are either working in franchise system or in independent firms.

The evolution of a real estate agent’s carrier is also limited. After several years of experience, he has the chance to specialize in negotiating a certain type of propriety (for instance, real estate properties for sale that are luxurious or, on the contrary, more low-budget based) or be his own boss and open an agency.

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However, there is no point in fooling oneself with golden opportunities as the work of an independent real estate agent is still limited, even though having a private firm might seem more liberal. The intellectual and psychological effort an expert should prove of is considerable as the battle of tensions and vanities between clients is permanent when real estate properties for sale are brought on the market.


Apart from having an excellent experience in real estate marketing, an agent should also be a negotiator without compare, like those available on However, these two characteristics are insufficient, as an expert in real estate should also reveal his perspicacity, as well as his capability of analyzing the tendencies of the real estate market with maximum precision: will the market increase or, on the contrary, will decrease in months to come?

All of this signifies that an excellent real estate agent hasn’t only a good commercial instinct, as he also develops other psychological qualities necessary for his job. For instance, he has to easily and quickly apprehend people and their character. His persuasive power shouldn’t have limits because once he loses it, he can’t call himself a tough negotiator.

However, he has to know when his insisting attitude becomes exaggerated and has to stop, while sending an avalanche of glorifying word to his interlocutors at the right time. As a matter of fact, every minute passed with a client should make the subject of an analysis.

A highly-recommended real estate agent is also characterized by flexibility and his availability for frequent mobilization from one place to another. Visiting or assisting the visits for certain terrains, houses or apartments will take much of its working time. Given the fact that clients usually are unavailable during their working hours, it is plain to see that real estate agents have no pre-established working schedule or free weekend.

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They work more or less on Saturdays, late in the evenings or on public holidays. The constant availability is also justified by the fact that the real estate agent mostly works in urgent conditions and his vigilance in taking decisions doesn’t have to wear out one bit.

All of these aspects generate a source of stress. Moreover, being at clients’ disposal on a regular basis reflects in his sense of understanding and doing multiple things at the same time.

When it comes to a real estate agent’s physical endurance, his muscular tone has to be impeccable, as his working hours are irregularly distributed over the day. Ironically, the remuneration isn’t always on the same level of the exigencies this type of job implies.

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