The art of selling printing equipment

Most of us might be under the impression that in order to sell something we need to provide our customers with the best prices on the market.

While this may seem true if we look at the issue from a consumerist point of view, the fact is that nowadays professional companies know that it’s better to invest in quality.

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Why should we risk our investment just to get a better price for our equipment when all we’ll be doing is sacrificing on quality and forcing ourselves to repair or replace the equipment once it fails?

Investing in quality pays over time, and this is what we need to convince our clients of when we’re selling printing equipment. However, even though quality sells, it doesn’t sell as often as lowest price does.

While this isn’t exactly normal, as cheap products are never something worth investing in, these are the facts of the business world that we have to simply accept. However, in order to increase the number of sales that we make we’ll need to rely on a wider client database, something that we can gain access to by acquiring a commercial printers list.

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In order to increase the appeal of our offers for printing equipment we could seek to provide our customers with related services such as supplying them with the consumables that the equipment requires, or by guaranteeing that we will provide them with the service required to such machines in case something bad happens and they stop working. Anyone can just sell printing equipment.

However, it takes a really dedicated and results oriented leadership in order to provide as much help and assistance as necessary once the sale is done.

A good way to make sure that the clients are satisfied with their purchase and are not afraid of accidents is to provide training sessions for the machine operators. In this way we are making sure that our customer is happy, as well as creating new business opportunities for our company.


Certainly, we need not provide these services ourselves. Outsourcing is a great way to provide our customers with a wide and comprehensive range of products and services, and it can work wonders when it comes to the trust that company owners will place in us.

Another great service that we can provide our clients with is that of helping them sell their old printing equipment. We can even offer to purchase the equipment ourselves, in which case we will want to refurbish and repair it, bringing it to a better state.

After the cleaning and repairs are done we can simply sell the equipment to another company that would rather buy used printing machines as opposed to new ones because they can’t risk making a big investment at that moment but do require a boost in productivity.

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