Is cravat a new alternative to the tie and the bow tie?

This accessory in the masculine wardrobe is extremely stylish and looks like it is somewhere between the lavalier and the scarf. Usually the fabric from which the cravat is made is one with prints, from bullets to geometric or oriental motifs, and it perfectly matches a simple suit.

The cravat is the perfect solution for weddings or guests at festive events that have been tired by the classic tie or bow tie. It is native for England and comes from an older version of the tie. It is a versatile accessory, but it’s not for anyone. The bridegroom who chooses to wear a cravat on the big day has ensured the admiration of the guests.

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Designers propose satin decorated with various patterns, but the predominant shade is identical to the costume. They have to be assorted either with brocade jackets or smart jackets for a distinction. The cravat can be worn in many ways, namely classic or casual. The classic one fits into formal events like weddings and wears over the shirt.

Cravat can be the color of the outfit. Depending on your preference, it can be matched or not. In the summer, the cravat must be silk, which is suitable for a slimmer outfit. For an elegant winter outfit, it has to be preferred from cashmere. For the bridegroom or guest of the great event to be able to wear an cravat, he must necessarily have self-confidence and attitude to measure. This cravat is quite pretentious and can not be worn by anyone.

What’s the difference between Cravat and scarf? Most people use the terms scarf and cravat as the same thing, and generally terminology can be very confusing. The scarf is virtually any cloth you place around your neck for decorative purposes. As such, it is the ancestor of the tie, the bow and even the cravat. Think the scarf is like a generic term for everything you wear around your neck.

The scarf is a name derived from the Croatian mercenaries who fought during the 30-year war, and most of the battles were in France, so the Croatian French term is „Croatian” and was changed to „tie”. The fashion of wearing something around the neck dates back much further than the 17th century, however, Croatian mercenaries have been the ones who wore it and popularized it. In the 19th century the cravat became very popular, spreading not only in Europe, but also in the America.

Starting with the middle of the 20th century, cravat is replaced more and more by the tie and thus loses its importance.Today, the cravat is coming back, being worn more often by men, especially on special occasions, trying to draw attention to them.

Nowadays, the cravat is worn by those men who care for their imagine and try all the time to be original and well dressed. These cravats are not so easy to wear by any men, but all men can try them.

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