Depression And The Early Warnings Signs That State It's Time To Seek Help

It can often be difficult for people to know the difference between having a bad day and depression setting in. They are not the same thing as a bad day simply goes away and life returns to normal the next morning whereas depression will grow to the point that we do not see any of the positives in our lives and only focus on the negatives before us or in the past that cannot be changed.

This article will point out the early warning signs of depression and allow you to make an educated decision as to whether it is time to seek professional help or not.

One of the easiest signs is whether you have lost interest in the things that used to make you happy. When we turn our backs on what we enjoy, you can be assured it is a good sign you are depressed. Maybe you liked to go camping and had a poor time because it rained the last time you went. It is more than likely not going to happen again but you believe it will.

This means you are over-looking all of the positive times and focusing on the one negative, a symptom of depression that you probably have started doing in other aspects of your life.

Have you noticed your sleep patterns changing drastically? If so, you are more than likely in the early stages of depression. When we are depressed, certain parts of our brain work overtime, nutrients the body needs to replenish itself are burned away leading to a down feeling and this leads to a restless night of sleep or little sleep at all as the brain is still processing all that went wrong in your life. It’s the same as going to bed angry in that you simply cannot wind down enough physically or mentally to get enough rest.

Another sign is when you feel overwhelmed or hopeless throughout the day. This means you have allowed yourself to be beaten down to the point you simply cannot accomplish everyday tasks you did regularly in the past. It could be something as simple as getting up to work at a job you have had for years and been happy to go to. Suddenly, you simply do not want to go or don’t have the energy to do so. This is a sign that is easy to notice and one that should raise some concern.

If you find yourself becoming more of a recluse and alienating yourself from family and friends, you are probably suffering from depression. You simply will go insane and feed off the negativity in your life when you look yourself in and avoid others who could lift your spirits with their very presence.

Are you starting to drink or eat more to forget your problems? If so, you are in a state of depression. Some people will actually eat less but most will look for a crutch that wipes their mind of the issue at hand. The problem is that alcohol and over-eating will make things far worse so it may be time to seek out a professional.

As you can see, the early warning signs for depression are very apparent to anyone, including those suffering from the issue. There is hope and if you notice any of the behavioral changes in your life, it is recommended to seek counseling or therapy before the depression becomes far more severe. We should never wait when we notice signs of depression and considering the success rate for those seeking help in the early stages, there is no reason to not pick up the phone and take your first step towards a joyous tomorrow.

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