Beating Depression 101: Tips and Tricks

It is one thing to be sad. When you lose a loved one, hate your job, put on weight, these are all times when you may feel sad. Even the winter can bring on sadness due to reduced access to the outdoors. When your sadness doesn’t go away, even after a month, two months or half a year, then you are battling depression. There are some ways to help head off this disease early on, and they are listed below.

Music can soothe the savage soul, and it can also lift your spirits. Turn on some tunes and rock out in your bedroom, car or office. Upbeat music can often bring you a bit of happiness, especially if the lyrics are funny. Even Weird Al Yankovich songs can bring a smile to your face when you need it the most. If you can’t listen to the songs out loud, put on your earbuds and listen on your own.


The most important cure for depression is exercise. Firstly, being at a healthy weight will get your entire system in check. It helps to balance brain chemicals so you don’t feel overwhelmed by sadness. It also boosts your energy levels, battling the fatigue which can come with the disease. On top of that, exercise itself causes the brain to release endorphins which will give you an immediate pick-me-up to your mood.

What you eat is just as important as how much exercise you get. A healthy diet full of vegetables, legumes, fruit, whole grains and lean proteins gives you the nutrients your brain needs to produce the chemicals which will regulate your mood. It will also help your digestive system clear out, and this gets rid of the toxins in your body which can throw off brain chemical balance. All in all, you will look better and feel better if you eat the right foods.

Figure out what you like to do and do it. If you have always wanted to write a novel, start by typing up a plot outline. If you want to design clothing, buy a second-hand sewing machine and give it a whirl. When you fill your life with things you love to do, you can’t help but smile more often.


Positivity will drown out negativity when you need a quick fix. If your mind is full of thoughts about sadness, hatred, anger or pain, start thinking about something positive. If you have a dog, imagine what it is like to play with him. If you have a loved one, remember how nice it is to get a great big hug from them. It could be your kids, a sunny day, the feeling of sand between your toes – whatever may bring a smile to your face, drowning out the negativity.

The ideas in this article aren’t new, but they are effective. They can all help you to feel better, so try them out one at a time. It takes two weeks to make any habit permanent, so try to start them bimonthly. Soon enough, your mood will lift and your life will regain its meaning once again.

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