5 Ways To Hide Your Depression

Depression is not something that everyone is able to deal with. In more ways than one, depression can literally take over your everyday life.

The last thing you really need is to be constantly reminded that you are depressed or just aren’t feeling as good as usual. Instead of letting everyone know about your depressed state, learn how to hide your depression from people you don’t want knowing.

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A smile can be the perfect barrier between you and the world. If you are obviously depressed, people constantly remark how you look down or just don’t seem happy. Smiling helps reassure everyone that you’re doing good and there is no reason to be concerned. Obviously, this is not an approach that you will always want to use, especially around people that know about your depression. Use your smile when you have to go to work or go out in public.

Don’t constantly talk about your depression or how you’re feeling. Oftentimes, when you suffer from depression, you will feel that you are alone in the world with your feelings. That idea is simply not true and there are plenty of others who are also feeling depressed. Talking about depression and how you feel will just fuel and spark the same feelings in others and reaffirm that you’re depressed. Only talk to people who are close to you about how you’re really feeling.

Come up with a good explanation when people start to pester you about why you appear to be depressed. If you are stuck in a meeting or a party and people constantly remark on your mood, tell them you’re not feeling well. Telling someone you aren’t feeling well is a good way to get around providing specific details about why you are depressed and how you truly feel. When you are surrounded by people, excuse yourself from a certain activity when you feel that it is becoming too much for you to handle.

The easiest way you can truly hide your depression in public is if you have a support network in place. You can’t beat your depression alone and there is no way that you can go back to your old self in one night. Ensure that you have a good doctor, psychologist and support group in place to help you lead a normal life. It is much easier for you to publicly hide your depression when you have people that care about you backing you up and working towards a cure.

Find reassurance in the fact that you won’t always have to be secretive about your depression towards certain people. It can be hard at first having to hide how you feel in certain situations. However, once you get the help you need, you can find comfort in knowing that your depression won’t last forever and in due time, you can be truly smiling in public without effort.

Depression is different for everyone and it affects millions of people each year. How severe depression is differs from person to person. If you have a mildly depressive state, the following article can help you face your everyday public life. After all, you don’t constantly want to be answering questions as to how you’re really feeling.

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