3 Ways to Prepare Potatoes Other Than Mashed

Not that there’s anything wrong with mashed potatoes, it’s just a simple recipe and every family has their own « secret” twist on it whether it’s adding nutmeg, tons of butter or cream or leaving on the skins. There are so many delicious variations on potatoes so here are some ideas for you if you need a little help and can’t think of anything besides mashed potatoes.


There’s an art to making these deep fried addictive pieces of marvel. Now, in France, where many people believe the fry was invented, the fry is sliced rather thin. Not really sticks but rather, thin, long potato pieces slightly thinner than fingers. Try to keep the sizes uniform so everything is cooked at the same time, ensuring that none are burned.

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Make sure to use a real deep fryer, specifically a deep fryer appliance that will be safe and convenient to use. This will mashed potatoesstreamline the process of making fries and produce the best tasting fries possible. After you peel and slice up the potatoes, soak them in salt water, making salting later unnecessary. Deep fry a batch once just a few minutes and remove from the fryer. When you are ready to serve the fries, deep fry the potatoes a second time until golden brown.

Simple Potato Pancakes

Make a batter of shredded potatoes and onions, which need to be squeezed dry. Add eggs and ghee to the mixture and add rice flour to hold it all together. Salt and Pepper to taste. The best way to cook these is to use a flat cast iron grill, specifically for pancakes. Heat it up with medium high heat and oil with ghee.

Making sure the batter is well mixed and using a ladle, pour the batter on the grill. Cook on each side about five minutes or so. You may have to experiment with your timing since everyone’s stove temperatures are different. Feel free to add your own twist on this simple recipe, for example, add sauteed leeks, herbs, bacon or cheese.

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Who doesn’t like deep fried balls? No one, that’s who! For those of you who don’t know, croquette comes from the French word, « croquer, » which means, « to crunch. » In general, it is composed of mashed potatoes, stuffed with meat, cheese, stew or anything that you’d like inside a mash potato ball.

It is then breaded and thrown into a deep fryer until it reaches the perfect crispiness. The mashed potatoes and stuffing ingredients are already cooked so there’s no worry of undercooking croquettes. They can be served as a side dish or main dish, whatever your pleasure may be.

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