3 defining elements of the Romanian furniture market

The Romanian furniture market, like any other market should be oriented in three directions in order to become a reliable source of profitable investments. Those directions involve the following:

1.    Customers

Depending on the type of furniture manufactured, clients can be individuals or businesses. When ordering furniture, most buyers are individuals.In larger companies, which produce large quantities the option for export emerges, in which context the question of competitiveness of the  furniture produced in Romania for the other European Union countries, demands an answer.


2.    Competition

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Competition is particularly well represented. Wood processing has always been a basic occupation of the Romanians (given the outstanding resources available in this regard), and this tradition continues from generation to generation.

Thus, after 1989, a number of factories appeared acting on wider or narrower range. A special category refers to the factories existing since the days of the former regime, most still operating on the inherited “skeleton”. There are several large and very large companies on the market, performing complex manufacturing, distribution through its own specialized shops or dealers and export.

To meet the demand that other types of factories failed to meet, a number of small factories have appeared, mainly focused on custom made furniture. These have the advantage of flexibility in production and costs but also in the lower prices.The main component of a competitive environment is the competitor, who can be defined as any company fighting for the same resources as your own company. The resource generally companies struggle for is the customers’ money and in order to win the enterprise must capture as much of the existing market.

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Since enterprises belonging to the same sector seek to get their hands on the bigger share of the existing markets to the detriment of others, there is a strong competition battle, they became business rivals and their relations are relations of rivalry or competition.Therefore, the competition takes place within a sector defined as a group of companies that manufacture similar products with the possibility of interchanging. The product that defines the sector is in this case furniture.

3.    Promotion

Most of the furniture products made in Romania are for export. In their case, a very frequently used way of promoting them is the Internet. Furniture made in Romania is very popular outside the country, and a well structured website (preferably in one / two foreign languages) can attract many foreign customers, but also local. Another accessible way of promoting products, is advertising in the newspapers, especially the local press and mostly in the beginning, when the target market is often a limited one.


Nevertheless, promotion, apart from making references only to manufacturers or suppliers may include also promoting investments in restructuring and re-orienting already existing resources. This is the main reason why sites like business-properties.com exist, having different sections addressed to anybody who want to buy a business or make an investment .

Among other things, their link http://businesses-properties.com/former-furniture-factory-from-romania-for-sale/ encourages investors to purchase former furniture factories which with wise investment strategies and promotion will turn into strong competitors for any local or foreign company.

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